Cherry Creek Theatre

The Cherry Creek Theatre is about to enter its 8th season of serving the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver. The theatre needs additional lights and equipment to continue to enhance and enrich the vitality of our neighborhood. It also needs support from the community to offset the cost of productions. NOTE: ticket sales account for about 50% of the cost of producing a play.

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Mission Statement

The mission Statement of the Cherry Creek Theatre is found in the By-laws of the theatre as Article II, Section 2.1 as follows:

"The Theatre seeks to enhance and enrich the vitality of the Cherry Creek neighborhood through theater and the arts by producing a broad range of theatrical and artistic productions of the highest quality that will be entertaining, educational, and diverse."

The Board of Directors of the Cherry Creek Theatre initially adopted this statement on August 8, 2010. It was reviewed and adopted again on November 15, 2010 and for a third time on June 15, 2012.

The Mission Statement is supported by a set of values as follows:
• Theater and the arts provide quality inter-generational entertainment.
• Theater and the arts help us to better understand and appreciate diversity on all levels.
• Theater and the arts provide educational opportunities for the community, including adults, children and youth.
• Theater and the arts provide financial as well as artistic value to the community.

Organization History

In early 2010, an initial 15 member Study Group of interested Cherry Creek North, Historic Country Club, Cherry Creek East, business representatives, City Council, and local theater leaders convened to discuss the development of live theater as a way to bring added life and vitality to the Cherry Creek area.

In order to determine community interest and receive ideas, comments, and feedback on the concept, a live theater survey was conducted among residents and businesses in the greater Cherry Creek area. 243 individuals participated in the survey. The results of the survey indicated the following:

• Current frequent attendance at live theater events (93% attend at least one show / year and 62% attend 3+ shows / year);
• High likelihood to attend live theater in Cherry Creek (90% to attend at least one show / year and 58% to attend 3+ shows);
• High interest in additional cabaret style entertainment (69% favorable);
• Multitude of supportive comments for live theater with quality of performance emphasized as the most important key to success.

With this positive feedback and support the Study Group endorsed a short term plan of theatrical education and performances that would have the strong financial support of the surrounding businesses and neighborhood communities.

In the past six seasons, we have operated in the Shaver-Ramsey Gallery, 2414 E. 3rd Avenue, Denver. After an extensive search, we have relocated to a permanent space as the resident theatre company of the Mizel Arts & Culture Center (MAACC), part of the Denver Jewish Community Center. We have brought more than 18,000 patrons into the neighborhood to the delight of area families, businesses and shops.


Glad to support what is clearly a very successful operation. Please feel free to share with your cast/crew, and to use anything on my post for marketing or other purposes. Bill W.

Last nights performance of . . . was just great. All 4 actors were completely compelling. We loved it. Karen T.

My husband and I attended the Saturday performance and had a wonderful theatre experience. We have told several of our neighbors how very enjoyable the production was and what an excellent choice of play for Cherry Creek Theatre. The cast and entire production set the standard that has become Cherry Creek Theatre. Keep up the good work. Janet J.

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