Some nonprofits in our community
  • Neighbor to Neighbor Volunteers
    We aim to serve the community to meet all of your transit needs in Chaffee County!
  • Alliance Against Domestic Abuse
    Domestic & sexual violence negatively impacts over 250 people in Chaffee County each year. Fear of an abuser, stigma, lack of affordable housing, isolation, no financial resources, transportation, and knowledge regarding resources are factors which make it difficult for a victim to leave an abuse.
  • KHEN Radio
    KHEN 106.9fm, Salida is a true grass roots Community Radio Station. Individual Donations make up the vast majority of our income. In an era of corporate monopolies of the airwaves, we hope you will contribute to keep local, non-profit, REAL radio and podcasts alive in rural Colorado!
  • New Caring & Sharing
    Help us provide resources and services for the poor and vulnerable; the Chaffee Community Resource Center, a program of New Caring and Sharing serves the needy with food, housing and clothing, bus tickets, gas vouchers and prescriptions.

Invest in Community

Philanthropy is an investment in what we care about - it is an investment in community. By giving back, you are strengthening Chaffee County for all residents.

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