Center for Work Education and Employment

CWEE is the leading workforce anti-poverty agency in Colorado. Due to the devastating effects that COVID-19 has had on families and our job market, CWEE's work is more important than ever. CWEE is ensuring that CO families receive basic needs resources, support, and job coaching for those displaced.

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Career Readiness Program




Poor/Economically Disadvantaged/Indigent
Unemployed, Underemployed


CWEE's Career Readiness Program serves people in the Metro-Denver area and operates as an integrated education and employment program that includes comprehensive services to help individuals gain and sustain quality employment long-term. Participants attend CWEE's on-going Career Readiness Program Monday-Thursday from 9am-4pm. CWEE's core program includes three phases: empowerment/soft skills, computer training and career preparation, followed by continuing education and/or employment services pathways. More detail on CWEE's program is below:

Addressing Barriers to Employment: CWEE's holistic approach includes the integration of intensive, onsite case management and support. Each participant is assigned to a case manager who works with them to address barriers to employment such as housing, transportation and childcare. CWEE also has an onsite clinical therapist who provides, individual, group and family therapy.

Phase One: Empowerment/Soft Skills- Empowerment courses teach participants to believe in themselves and to understand their personal value and how it aligns with employment. Soft Skills courses teach participants healthy behaviors in the workplace. Their classroom lessons are on: skills assessments, career exploration, positive thinking, conflict resolution, communication styles and healthy relationships.

Phase Two: Computer Training- CWEE's participants prepare for today's workforce, with a focus on computer and digital literacy. Through online tutorials and CWEE's digital literacy instructor, participants are provided instruction on computers, typing and speed accuracy, Microsoft Office certifications, and courses on work culture, career research, personal goal setting and digital literacy.

Phase Three: Career Preparation- Participants are provided intensive career preparation services including effective job search training, resume writing, mock interviewing, communication skills, and appearance management. Once a participant has finished this phase, the next step is to enter the employment pathway or the education pathway.

Pathway: Employment Services- Participants enter this pathway when they have gained the skills through the core phases to become a competitive candidate in the workforce. Participants in this pathway are concentrating on seeking quality employment. Activities in this pathway include: internships, mock interviews, career fairs, career exploration tours and applying for employment.

Pathway: Education- Participants who enter this pathway require an advanced skill set prior to obtaining employment or have a desire for post-secondary education. Outcomes include gaining advanced computing skills, obtaining their High School Equivalency (GED) or Adult Basic Education, or enrolling in post-secondary education.

Alumni Services: CWEE continues to support individuals throughout their career. During the first year of employment CWEE's retention specialist works with the employee and employer to support a positive transition. Alumni have a lifetime access to additional resources, training and career coaching to support their continued professional development and career advancement.


Evidence of Program's Success

Evaluation of CWEE's program and processes is an integral part of our work. CWEE collects, analyzes and reports findings of data on-going. CWEE has determined that evaluation allows us to measure the impact of our programs, ultimately leading to improvements of our program, and that demonstrates results among our participants. We have created logic models that assist us in enhancing and modifying evaluation techniques to ensure that high quality and reputable services are provided. CWEE's instructional team, employment services, and family support programs collaboratively evaluate participant data quarterly, checking that participants are: making academic progress; barriers to employment are being addressed; and that participants' abilities and skills learned through CWEE's program are aligned with those of Colorado's employers.

Last fiscal year, CWEE had tremendous success which impacted more than 600 families in our community as well as the economy. Below are some of CWEE's achievements:

- In FY19, CWEE helped upskill 518 people

- In FY19 CWEE helped 237 employers fill open positions with CWEE's talent

- In FY19, CWEE participants earned $6 million in wages that were invested back into the economy

"CWEE promotes self-sufficiency! Everyone in the organization is truly genuine and supporting one's career path and personal growth - even if you change career path several times as I have…. The organization truly supports your ambitions and goals. Follow up is always at 100%. Everyone should know about CWEE and the empowering team it holds. I'm grateful for the consistent support throughout the years!" - Gemma, CWEE Alumnae

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