Center for Work Education and Employment

CWEE is the leading workforce development and anti-poverty agency in Colorado. Amid the recession and record job losses, the demand for CWEE's services, and our potential for positive impact, has never been greater. We humbly ask for your support by giving a gift today.

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General Information

Official Name
Colorado Women's Employment and Education, Incorporated​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Center for Work Education and Employment
Former Name(s)
(2001)Colorado Womens Employment and Education
Date Established
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EZ Tax Credit
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Headquarters Address
1175 Osage Street
Suite 300
Denver, CO 80204
Colorado Location
1175 Osage Street
Suite 300
Denver, CO 80204
Mailing Address
1175 Osage Street
Suite 300
Denver, CO 80204
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Mission Statement

CWEE fosters personal and professional transformation for low-income families through confidence building, customized skills training, and career advancement.

Organization History

CWEE addresses the root causes of poverty by providing a path to long-term employment and self-sufficiency for hundreds of Denver-area families each year. By providing skills training, family support, and comprehensive career advancement services, CWEE's program builds a stronger workforce and healthier communities.

COVID-19 has upended everyone's daily lives, and low-income workers and families have been the hardest hit. Colorado and the U.S. have witnessed an unprecedented jump in unemployment with the job loss expected to continue. The economic pain felt by CWEE families is compounded by the loss of childcare, school routines and social support systems, as well as sometimes unstable housing situations and limited access to technology and high-speed internet. To put it simply, CWEE families are hurting badly right now.

CWEE is well-positioned to address the new and growing need in our community, and we need your continued support to do so. We humbly ask for your financial contribution to ensure we are able to meet families' basic needs throughout this crisis, and to strengthen efforts already underway to adapt CWEE's employment training and family support in the post-COVID era.


Established in 1982, the Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) helps low-income parents overcome the constraints and disparities of poverty, cultivates self-supporting families and optimizes collaborative partnerships. CWEE was Colorado's first program dedicated to helping single parents transition from public assistance into employment.

CWEE's mission is to foster personal and professional transformation for low-income parents through confidence building, customized skills training and career advancement. CWEE operates as an integrated education and employment program that includes comprehensive services to assist an individual's transition off of public assistance by sustaining employment long-term. CWEE's core program includes three phases: empowerment/soft skills, digital literacy and career readiness, followed by education and/or employment services pathways. These core phases build the employment skill-set necessary to thrive in today's workforce.

Throughout its thirty eight years, CWEE has impacted the community by assisting more than 16,000 families to break the cycle of poverty. In FY20 (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020), CWEE connected 868 new participants to resources, enrolling 521 of them in CWEE's comprehensive career readiness program. After enrolling in CWEE's holistic training program, 219 participants gained employment with an average full-time starting wage of $14.09/hr, $2.09 above Colorado's minimum wage of $12.00/hr.


"When I first was getting enrolled in CWEE I felt like it was just another program to get through so I could get my benefits. I left and didn't take in all I could have. After returning to CWEE a second time I took whatever information I could and really dug deep within myself to make the changes I wanted to see for myself. After leaving CWEE this time I am so much more accomplished and prouder of all that I learned from CWEE, It will forever be another home to me. I left CWEE a grown woman and a mother that is willing to fight her hardest to make the life my kids and I deserve. Thank you CWEE for your supportive and caring staff and organization. I truly can't say where I would be if I never attended the Center for Work Education and Employment." -CWEE participant

"Thank you for giving us a safe way to connect and take care of our family during this critical time. I feel cared for and connected."
- On how receiving a laptop has helped, CWEE participant

"This donation may seem small to a CEO, or a corporation. To a single mother with progress on the brain daily, a full plate of tasks, deadlines, and who knows what else the world decides to throw at her on any given day, the laptop was a definite game-changer. I am able to connect and complete tasks and deadlines without the worry of how to find a computer to access documents. I no longer worry about not making it to the library on time with the kids, and if we make it will everyone behave?? Will I be kicked off of the library computer because my time is up? Now in these uncertain times, is there even library access anymore? Libraries closed and because of this donation, my progress continued without skipping a beat!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!"
- On how receiving a laptop has helped, CWEE participant

"CWEE offered safety, kindness and a sense of community - I'd never had that before. CWEE taught me that I am strong and I can be successful - no one ever told me that before." - Maddie, CWEE participant

"CWEE has provided a wonderful experience to learn through the phases, build confidence, and meet new people. I have a lot of people holding my back and keeping me strong." - Julius, CWEE participant

"CWEE is life-changing. Out this in the world, you think you're alone and stuck. You're limited. At CWEE, there are no limits." -Dominique, CWEE participant

"I love CWEE. They welcomed me with open arms and surrounded me with support so I can focus on me, and accomplish my goals." -Shalada, CWEE participant

"I received a promotion at my coffee shop job because of the computer certificates I gained at CWEE. Now, I am in charge of all the office work there. You never know where you'll need these skills." -Nikia, CWEE participant

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