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The Center for Mental Health

Our Crisis Walk-In Center provides urgent behavioral healthcare for our six-county region on the Western Slope. It's always open for people in need. If necessary, clients can stay for up to five days to get on the path to healing.

Right now, there's no place where clients can get fresh air to rejuvenate and relax. Our goal is to create an inviting courtyard for people who truly need the boost you get from being outdoors. Many research studies have shown the benefit of spending time outside on people's mental health.

You can help us to create an inviting space where clients can meet with their family members or just enjoy blue skies and birdsong. Learn more at

We're sure you've experienced how nature can uplift your spirits. Imagine how much you could help someone in crisis by providing that opportunity. Thanks for donating now!

You can make a difference for someone who's in crisis. Thanks for donating!
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Created November 02, 2020
The Center for Mental Health
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