Council of Neighbors and Organizations

Support of CONO helps create neighborhoods that are safe, thriving and healthy. Through education, connection and action, Council of Neighbors and Organizations creates robust public process, builds capacity of neighborhood leadership and connects community to critical resources.

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Council of Neighbors and Organizations​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

To empower neighborhoods in the Pikes Peak Region.

Organization History

For 42 years, CONO has preserved and protected hundreds of neighborhoods in El Paso & Teller Counties. Building on our relationships throughout the business, nonprofit, and government sectors and within neighborhoods.


CONO educates neighborhoods allowing them to help themselves. Our success is measured by the number of neighborhoods we are able to reach and the number of connections we can make between neighborhoods.

"Our Re-Rock the Parkways project began two years ago when, through CONO, we met our District 2 City Councilman Larry Bagley. He came, walked the area, met twice with groups of residents, and inspired us to organize. He also came to one of our potlucks last year and again inspired us to be proactive. CONO introduced us to City Landscape Architect Connie Parry who came, walked the area, and advised us on what needed to be done. More recently, she also advised us about coordinating with City traffic engineering and about specific materials to use. With CONO's help we had our first Dumpster Day in August 2016, and began raising funds. We had the weeds in the parkway professionally sprayed and began organizing the whole project of digging out and re-rocking. Our goal was to be finished by Labor Day, and, in fact, we finished September 1, 2017!

Of our 51 households, 34 (67%) contributed monetarily and 26 people were involved physically. We had 6 volunteers who monitored the sidewalks to keep them open during the dig-out according to City specifications, and we had 20 volunteers doing the strenuous work of spreading 21 tons of rock. CONO's Max Cupp and his friend Mava came. One family brought 3 friends from their church. One neighbor who could not participate, told a friend and colleague about our project, and he came to shovel rocks. Most impressive were an octogenarian and a septuagenarian who pitched right in, along with two retirement-age women, to move 3 tons of rocks! Two landlords contributed funds and one of them also helped move rocks. When we ran short of rocks, one young man took his flatbed trailer, bought and donated more rocks, and, with another neighbor, spread them where they were needed. One family who could not help shovel, brought tools and provided refreshments. We also owe a great deal to Carson and Lana Riggs who live beside the Ashcroft-Turret parkway. They spent many hours in 80* heat laying fabric and pounding pins into the hard ground. They then coordinated the work of 11 volunteers to move 15 tons in just two-and-a-half hours. The end result has been a huge improvement in the aesthetics of the entryways to this neighborhood and to how they look to the general public driving west on Dublin Blvd. We are grateful to CONO for supporting us financially, for steering us toward City personnel with the expertise we needed, and for cheering us on for two years. Thank you! We are also grateful to each other ... to those who believed in this project and did what it took to "git 'er done!" Thank you, everyone!"

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