Defund Hate - Support Immigrant Rights in Colorado

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

I attended Columbine Elementary School in Boulder, CO where many of my classmates were first generation immigrants. In 2012, my classmates were granted status under Obama's DACA program. Now, DACA is at risk of being stripped permanently by the Supreme Court, leaving around 1 million young people, peers, classmates, sisters and brothers, without status. We grew up here together and we belong here together.

At CIRC we are fighting to make sure congress finds a permanent solution for DACA and TPS, as well as holding a line to decrease funding to ICE and CBP to end the separation of families and ensure everyone in our immigration system is treated with dignity. We demand that congress #DefundHate and stop bankrolling xenophobic policies.

We need your support to make sure Colorado continues to be a strong voice for immigrant rights on a state and national scale. I encourage you to donate as much as you are able to support our grassroots coalition.

We belong here together. Support us to #DefundHate #DefundICE
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