CIRC is throwing down for the 2020 elections, donate to CIRC to get us to the doors!

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition

Working internationally has made me understand the importance of allowing people to migrate when a life at home is no longer safe or feasible. Working in immigrant rights in Colorado has made me understand the weight of participating in our democracy. That is why I am proud to work at CIRC, where we will be getting out the vote for low propensity PoC voters in 2020 across the state. We know how much is at stake and we will be doing everything we can to ensure all voices are heard.

The Trump administration has implemented a policy of deportation and discrimination of all immigrants. CO is comprised of almost 10% immigrants. 1 in 9 CO workers is an immigrant, paying billions of dollars in taxes annually. They are an integral part of Colorado's economy and society. It is therefore crucial, not just for immigrants and their families, but for all Coloradoans, that their rights are protected. We must get out the vote in 2020 to change this.

We will continue to fight next year and we need your support to keep fighting.

Please donate to CIRC to help us do some of the following:
- Get out the vote across our State in 2020!
- Pass a clean DREAM Act for childhood arrivals
- Pass local legislation to break statewide collaboration between police and ICE
- Provide naturalization workshops and legal services for immigrants
- Provide Know Your Rights trainings and public education
- Support a hotline to report ICE raids and detentions
- Get driver's licenses for immigrants
- Hold CO representatives accountable to immigrant rights

If you have any questions about your donation or what we do please let me know!

*Facts provided by the American Immigration Council:

CIRC is throwing down for 2020 elections, help us get out the vote!
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