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Center for Community Wealth Building (CCWB) works to promote inclusive economic opportunities to normalize a new economic development model that includes and elevates the voices of impacted and vulnerable communities at the core of growth, and leverages anchor institutions' economic engines to create an economy that works for everyone. Our vision is a people-owned, inclusive, and sustainable metro Denver economy that catalyzes prosperous and resilient communities free from racism and injustice. CCWB's work is driven by our commitment to economic justice, inclusivity, inspiration, and transformation. We work to inspire a fundamental shift within individuals, communities, institutions, and systems to support a thriving local economy and a healthy and sustainable way of life.
CCWB is fiscally sponsored by the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

Your contribution ensures that CCWB can continue to provide support to communities and create an economy where everyone can thrive. Your contribution can also help advance our local solidarity economy movement. Be a part of the change!
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Created October 08, 2020
Center for Community Wealth Building
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