Support CCB Dancers in Puerto Rico!

Canyon Concert Ballet

Canyon Concert Ballet has been invited to send three of our dancers/faculty to Puerto Rico to participate in the Danza en el Tablao event. This event for our dancers will run from January 29 - February 3, 2020 and we are looking to raise $1200 to support their trip!

It is with great pleasure that two CCB dancers and our school director will be a part of such a special event: Jenna Smith, Emma Kimbal, and Analia Weber. During their stay, our school director, Analia Weber, will also be offering a free master class to dance students on the island. This is a great opportunity to foster future artistic collaborations and dance education opportunities for our dancers, and a true honor for us to be invited to participate! Your donation will support the three dancers by helping with travel costs (flights, shuttles, food). If more money is raised than is spent for this opportunity, additional funds will be saved for future dance education opportunities for our dancers and faculty.

Danza en el Tablao/ Floorboard Dances

This event was started in 2008 by the renowned dancer and choreographer Paulette Beauchamp in the historic building of Cuartel de Ballaja. Located in front of El Castillo del San Felipe el Morro, the Cuartel de Ballaja was built from 1854 to 1864 in order to house the Spanish and Puerto Rican regiments in Old San Juan. Nowadays, the Cuartel de Ballaja houses the following: a dance school, a music school, the Museo de las Americas, the Puerto Rico Academy of Spanish Language, and the State Office of Historic Conservation. Inspired by the beauty and history of the building, Paulette Beauchamp created the Floorboard Dances. The performances happen two Fridays a month and the event is the host of many important dance figures on the island.

This year, Paulette has wanted to reach out to those that have left the island as a way to continue to grow its roots to the mainland. Paulette Beauchamp is a graduate of State University of New York at Purchase. She has danced classical repertory with Ballet Concierto of Puerto Rico and modern repertoire with Sarah Stackhouse and Kevin Wynn from the José Limón Dance Company. In her personal choreographic search, Paulette finds rhythmic richness, gesture and color in influences as varied as her own Afro-Caribbean culture, classical ballet, contemporary dance, the contrasting drama of ancient Japanese tradition, and other styles of theater that include illusions and masks.

Support our three dancers in their amazing opportunity to dance in Puerto Rico!
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