Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence

CCADV supports the development and responsiveness of a diverse network of domestic violence programs across Colorado to help them effectively assist domestic violence survivors and their families. Our goal is to improve individual and community health and well-being through statewide visionary advocacy work, supporting our members, and informing the public. With your donation, you are truly doing your part to help us move toward a time when domestic violence is no longer tolerated in Colorado.

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Organizational Overview

Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence
1330 Fox Street, Suite 3
Denver, CO 80204
Inspiring Colorado to End Domestic Violence

Background Statement

The Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) was established in 1977 as a membership based non-profit organization by twelve of the state's original domestic violence programs to eliminate incidents of battering and violence against women and children through statewide education, survivor-centered, woman-defined advocacy and action. The Piton Foundation awarded CCADV its first grant of $15,000, which allowed the Board to pay the organization's first Executive Director, Mary Anne Ganey, a salary for her work. CCADV's earliest efforts focused on community organizing and grassroots movement building, supporting the creation of and organizational development of domestic violence programs, legislative advocacy to establish state funding for anti-domestic violence work through the addition of the Domestic Abuse Fund on the state income tax check-off, and raising awareness of battering and violence.

In its 38th year, the visionary spirit of our founders lives on at CCADV, now the leading voice on ending and preventing domestic violence in Colorado.

Impact Statement

In partnership with the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, CCADV recently concluded a 5-year project to conduct statewide research looking at the impact on children who witness both animal abuse and domestic violence. The results from this groundbreaking longitudinal Colorado-based research study on domestic violence, children, and pets will positively influence and guide practice (and indeed has already been incorporated) to improve the lives of survivors and their pets. The "link" between domestic violence and animal abuse/cruelty has long been known, and the mistreatment of animals is often an early indicator or "red flag" that other family members in the household may not be safe.
Especially in Colorado, we know that animals are seen as part of the family, and survivors report delaying leaving because of fear their pet may be harmed if left behind. Yet, animals are only rarely planned for in domestic violence services. As a result of this unique project, CCADV is preparing DV advocacy programs to improve safety planning for survivors and their families (both 2 and 4 legged) and to incorporate realistic emergency shelter policies and practices around family pets, one more way to provide for the complexity of child and adult survivor's lives, situations, and the safety needs of the entire family. We anticipate that more shelters will come to accept pets and companion animals (and even design space to accommodate families with pets) and DV advocacy programs will develop stronger partnerships with local vets and animal shelters, giving survivors more and better options during their time of crisis.

Executive Director Statement

Along with our collaborative partners the Colorado Council of Churches and Family Tree, CCADV is eager to amplify our work on the Close To Home campaign towards a Metro Denver in which homelessness is a priority issue for a grassroots network of residents who are working to alleviate underlying causes of homelessness, including domestic violence. If you want to be a part of this progressive initiative, just contact us! CCADV's involvement in this campaign links homelessness and domestic violence in a meaningful way that has often been overlooked and is the kick-off of a comprehensive approach to homelessness and housing through a new housing program launching at the Coalition this year! CCADV is also working with many other partners to create a domestic and sexual violence action/prevention campaign that will drive social norms change and community engagement on a local and a statewide level. We hope to launch the action/prevention campaign late this year. CCADV is thrilled to have the Colorado Attorney General's Office as a new partner in all of our work to end domestic violence in 2016 and beyond!

These are just a few of our plans for the coming year, which holds a lot of promise for a strong new vision and for bold action on domestic violence in Colorado! We invite you join us in our work to inspire Colorado to end domestic violence!

Board Chair/President Statement

With the needs of domestic violence survivors in the forefront, CCADV is pivoting to become a movement-building coalition working to achieve social change through inclusive, collaborative strategies and projects. Even in the beginning phase of this transformation, CCADV is forming new alliances and partnerships, engaging in both new and long-awaited projects and programs, increasing Coalition funding, and experiencing membership growth.

Needs Statement

Here are some of our most pressing needs:

1. Like most nonprofits, most of our funding comes with significant restrictions on its use. We have a great need for unrestricted donations so that we can increase our work to prevent domestic violence, child abuse, and animal abuse and engage in progressive social change efforts to shift attitudes and norms about domestic violence.

2. CCADV is seeking major gifts in 2016 and 2017 to advance our statewide domestic and sexual violence prevention campaign. The campaign is a near replication of a highly successful family violence campaign out of New Zealand, which cost $13 million over 7 years. CCADV does not need the same amount of funding to launch the campaign in 2017, but does need significant donations from philanthropists who want to make the ultimate impact on domestic violence in Colorado through prevention!

3. CCADV wants to rebrand for the organization's upcoming 40th anniversary in 2017. We are looking for individuals who have expertise in marketing to provide in-kind services in 2016 to create a fresh brand for CCADV.

4. The overarching goal of our annual Colorado Advocacy In Action Conference is ensure that all victims of domestic, dating, and sexual violence and stalking who seek help in Colorado receive consistently compassionate, culturally-appropriate advocacy and services. Donations for scholarships for attendees to the annual conference are needed to better ensure that marginalized/underrepresented groups/individuals are able to attend this event. We also welcome corporate sponsorships for the conference.

5. CCADV needs volunteers who are committed to the long term success of this organization. We welcome individuals with diverse skills, talents, and interests to join our Board, Finance and Investment Committees, Public Policy Committee, and others, and to help with awareness campaigns and support fundraising efforts.

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