Break Bread

Break Bread distributes free, freshly-cooked meals on Wednesdays & Saturdays (approx. 250 meals each day). Our meals are served in to-go boxes, and we provide delivery for over half of those meals to those who must stay at home. We aim to alleviate food insecurity, and combat loneliness & isolation.

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General Information

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Break Bread​​​​​​​
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5894 S Datura St
Littleton, CO 80120
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5894 S Datura St
Littleton, CO 80120
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5894 S Datura St
Littleton, CO 80120
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Mission Statement

The mission of Break Bread is to build meaningful relationships among our neighbors through a weekly community meal that offers nourishment, unconditional love, and abundant grace.

Our model is unique in that we offer a transformative experience for everyone involved.
Littleton, CO neighbors from all walks of life greet each other and build meaningful relationships. We combat the challenges of food insecurity, poverty, and loneliness as we care for and nourish each other as neighbors.The volunteers who prepare the food, serve the meals, and provide the hospitality are as much transformed by the experience as are the community neighbors who come to be served. Volunteers and neighbors all dine together and share stories and conversations. This is the transformational nature of what we do at Break Bread for both our guests and our volunteers who are nourished by their giving of themselves to neighbors.

Organization History

Break Bread was formed on April 28, 2017 out of a desire in the community to address the reality that many students and families in the area were experiencing poverty and food insecurity. A majority (more than 75%) of the children in the area are able to participate in free or reduced priced meals through the public school system. Yet prior to that time, no entity was providing free hot meals in the Littleton community during the weekend. In addition to the experience of food insecurity among young families, Break Bread's founders were concerned for elderly neighbors who were living on a fixed income and struggling to make ends meet. Thus Break Bread was created to provide a place for everyone in the community to experience a shared meal together, and form transformative relationships with one another in the process. At Break Bread, our understanding of poverty has grown. We are thankful for the lessons we continue to learn from people of many backgrounds experiencing poverty and food insecurity, as well as other barriers to thriving in the community. Our ongoing commitment is to nourish the community of Littleton through understanding, relationships, and delicious shared meals. For now (during this time of COVID-19 concerns), we have necessarily shifted our model to provide meals in to-go boxes rather than serving meals family-style around a shared table. We also deliver about 200 meals a week to people with mobility challenges or who need to physically isolate. We have also added the weekly distribution of supply assistance bags which contain many helpful household items.


Summer 2020 - By a recipient of delivered meals from Break Bread
Thank you so much for all the work that goes into supplying the meals of love that are distributed… each one is delivered with love - those who prepared it, put it into [to-go boxes], and the friendliness of the deliverer always very kind and smiling - On Saturday, the extra of the goodies bag - along with the puzzles that are sent and the encouraging words. I look forward to and anticipate what will it be? I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas again. Thank you.
Spring 2020 - By a recipient of delivered meals from Break Bread
I am a resident of [location] and I want to thank you for the meals I have received during this trying time. Know that it is very much appreciated.
Spring 2020 - By a recipient of delivered meals from Break Bread
Dearest Break Bread, Thank you for my pretty face mask and the hot, ready-to-eat meals and goodie bags. They are my week's highlights! Bless you, your crew, and volunteers. I pray for all of you always. Keep healthy and smiling.
Spring 2020 - By a recipient of delivered meals from Break Bread
To all those who make these weekly dinners possible - I just want to say Thank You! I have so appreciated them during this difficult time. Being disabled and not able to get out, they have been such a blessing. Just want you to know how much you are appreciated.
Spring 2020 - By a recipient of delivered meals from Break Bread
Thank you so very much for your kindness. The goodie bag is fun! Bringing dinner to me is appreciated very much.
Summer 2018 - By an anonymous Littleton neighbor who dines frequently at Break Bread
When I come here, I feel like I'm home. Other places give you some peanut butter or something, and I appreciate that, but this is different. This is like home.
Summer 2018 - By an anonymous Littleton neighbor who dines frequently at Break Bread
When most of the people were through eating at Break Bread one evening, it was announced that anyone who wanted to play Bingo should come to the "Bingo" table. I love to play Bingo so I immediately joined the game. My card had squares with pictures in the squares--no problem. Then the caller began calling out words in Spanish. The few Spanish words which I knew flew right out of my brain. I think I groaned or mumbled something and then this little finger slid across my card and pointed at a square. I immediately placed my marker on the square and looked at the little boy sitting on my right side. He gave me a little smile. I smiled back and we bonded. I relaxed. That little finger kept sliding across my card every time one of my pictures was called and we both had a great time playing Bingo together. One of the Spanish-speaking families had brought the Bingo Game for us to play.
Fall 2018 - By a Littleton family who dines frequently at Break Bread
Our family began going to the Break Bread dinners in the fall of 2017. We are both in full-time graduate school, and with three children, our budget is tight. The dinners offer our family a financial reprieve, a nice meal, and some good fellowship.

During our many visits to Break Bread we have always been greeted by friendly, helpful people. Once seated, our table hosts have been engaging, curious, loving, and nonjudgmental. We have also enjoyed the opportunity to meet and to get to know a diverse array of attendees from many backgrounds and life situations. We find this type of engagement extremely beneficial to our family (especially our kids) because it is a reminder that each person has inherent worth and value, provides us with an opportunity to practice humility and gratefulness, and increases our awareness of the immense need for help in the world-right in our back yard!
Summer 2018 - By Harvey Lee, who frequently volunteers as a food server/waiter at Break Bread
I live a privileged life. My father immigrated to the United States when he was 13. Without formal education, he worked in kitchens; through hard work and savings, he eventually purchased a restaurant in Oregon. That business provided for our family and allowed me to go to college. I live a comfortable, upper middle-class life with a wife and two daughters who are headed soon to college. My long-term steady career has allowed us to afford to take vacations and eat at restaurants. In my middle age, I am long removed from financial hardship, and my peers are largely people like me.

Volunteering at Break Bread has transformed me. Being on the other side of meal service is a reminder of how lucky I am. It is an honor to bring food to those who join us and are looking for a hot meal, who want to engage in fellowship and conversation, or those just looking for a warm place for a few hours. At Break Bread, it is our neighbors' turn to sit and be waited on and it is my turn to greet and welcome them, fill their glasses and plates, and then help clean up. It is my call to action to use my hands and feet to provide the basic human needs of food and friendship. I am the one whose soul is fed by the experience. It is grounding. It is humbling. It is rewarding. It is transformative.
August 2019 - By Jen Engquist, Break Bread Executive Director
Thank you for your commitment to serving your neighbors. With your support, Break Bread has served over 8,000 dinners at our free community meals, and we continue to grow in relationship to our neighbors. We shared a wide variety of meals, many of which were prepared by guest chefs, including posole, tamales, and tres leches cake made by our neighbors of Central American descent. We welcomed Chef Joe and his fabulous lasagna, tasty salads, freshly baked breads, and gourmet sweets. Reaching out to our community, we also provided meals at neighborhood schools for family events. All of these community meals continue to offer a warm and nourishing experience.

Of course, that isn't just because of the food. Each week at Break Bread, we have fun children's activities like relay races and art projects. Neighbors from all walks of life greet each other and build meaningful relationships through both conversation and silence. Somehow, time spent together at the table really does remove the barriers that often separate us. Our volunteers lead with hospitality and grace. One volunteer, Sarah, shared the story of a joke that began at a particular table. Over the course of the meal, laughter spread throughout the room as each table shared their own versions of the joke. Each Saturday, we have the chance to be community together.

And that is what we have come to trust: at Break Bread we each belong.
We come as neighbors from different ethnic backgrounds with different languages. We are different ages. Some of us live in houses, and some have no place to call home. Some of us are barely getting by. Some of us are simply ready to meet a new friend, and some of us deeply know the pain of loneliness and isolation. Yet, for two hours on a Saturday, we all belong. We combat the challenges of food insecurity, poverty, and loneliness as we care for and nourish each other as neighbors.

Our hope in 2019 has been to grow that sense of belonging at the meal and within the community of Littleton. We believe that we are transformed in the time we share together, and that we are able to leave the meal as better nourished people who are better able to nourish our community throughout the week. This is the transformational nature of what we do at Break Bread, and we can't thank you enough for being a part of it.
August 2020 Update - By Jen Engquist, Break Bread Executive Director
Dear Neighbors,
We have surpassed serving 17,000 meals at Break Bread and we have shifted our programming in response to COVID-19 to include to-go and delivery meals. We have even expanded to serve meals on Wednesdays, and we look to this fall and winter with ambition! We value helping our neighbors know, especially at this time, that they matter and we are here for them! We hope each meal, supply, and letter we send to our Break Bread neighbors is nourishing and uplifting. Thank you for being a part of our shared story.

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