Your financial gifts provide resources to best equip BeyondHome families to become SELF-SUFFICIENT FOR LIFE! Investing in BeyondHome's transitional housing program gives access to case management, counseling, group night classes, food & diaper pantry, youth program & a community that supports!

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Colorado Homeless Families Inc​​​​​​​
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(2019)Colorado Homeless Families
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PO Box 740130
Arvada, CO 80006
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Organization History

Founded in 1987, CHF began with the goal of helping families experiencing homelessness find housing and other resources necessary to get back on their feet. CHF rented 6 properties from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the first three years and was operated almost entirely by volunteers. CHF has since grown to 40 homes in Arvada, Colorado and has a team of nine individuals (four part time). CHF strives to propel families to success. Since 1987, 435 families have successfully graduated from our transitional housing program. 167 families graduated from CHF to become homeowners. CHF's educational programs have graduated 114 family members from post-secondary education.

CHF takes on a comprehensive, relational approach to allow families to heal from past wounds and to prepare themselves financially for a successful, self-sufficient future. Our collaboration with community partners prevents duplication of services. CHF an average of 165-200 individuals in our program any given year. We focus our efforts in the following areas: affordable housing, career development, group classes, counseling, and direct financial assistance and resources.



The sound of laughter comes through the door as Claudia and her five children (Julian-16, Keylene-15, Michael-14, Isaac-13, Joey-12) walk into the community room. As they sit on the couch ready to share their story, smiles spread across their faces. Claudia explained that she was approved for a loan, and she was going to buy a house! You can feel the joy from across the room. It has been a long road for Claudia and her children. Many times, along the way, she wanted to quit the program because it was too hard. But she didn't!
Literally, Claudia was on the road of hard knocks with the father of her children. Without family and hope, she endured years of abuse. Fearing for her safety, she did not share her violent home life. It was not until a neighbor called the police that she found the courage to break free. When asked by the police if she was ok, she heard a voice say tell the truth. She told the police that her husband had hurt her and not the excuse he wanted her to tell. Immediately, her life changed. She remembers the policeman saying that he was proud of her for speaking up. He must have seen the fear in her eyes. With her husband in jail and out of the picture, she was able to start a new life for her family. Her family was her only concern.
She worked many jobs. She worked in a day care during the day. She cleaned offices at night. She made and sold tamales. She did this all to pay the rent for her one-bedroom apartment that she shared with her five children, three of them in diapers. Then at church, she met Connie Zimmerman, the founder of BeyondHome. Connie gave her a business card and said she wanted to help. To meet the program requirements, Claudia had some work to do but she got it done. The next time she saw Connie, she was able to apply to the program. She filled out the forms and moved in a week before Christmas 2013.
During their time at BeyondHome, Claudia and her children were able to start the healing process after years of abuse. The family worked with case managers and counselors to address their individual needs. Claudia made her goal to acquire her GED. She studied and passed! Her next step was to find a career that would provide a sustainable future for her and her family. Her first attempt was to go to school to become a pre-school teacher, but soon realized that was not the path for her. With the help of her case manager, she went for career counseling. She determined that she wanted to be a pharmacy tech. Claudia went to Pima Medical Institute and continued her classes online during the pandemic.
"I'm a pharmacy tech right now. I got my certification. I passed my exam on the first of July. I'm also certified to do vaccines, so I've been doing that. I applied for a job with my company in New Mexico. We are about to buy a house in a few weeks."
Claudia, like many moms at BeyondHome, worked hard to pave the road for her children's future. Her children took advantage of the Youth Program activities including Whiz Kids and field trips. At least one of her children can be spotted practicing their rebounds and foul shots on the Kroenke Charities Sports Court. Our families are ending the cycle of abuse and poverty. When ask what the one word is you would use to describe "BeyondHome". Claudia said "family". Keylene said, "Fun, because it's nice to see my mom succeeding".
Julian, the oldest said, "The one word I would use to describe BeyondHome would be 'opportunities'. Living here has opened up a bunch of opportunities for my mom, and our family. We wouldn't have as many opportunities as we had if we were anywhere else."
Join us in congratulating Claudia for successfully navigating the Road to Self-Sufficiency. To support our families as they make steps towards a better future for their children, please consider donating or volunteering.


Megan is a single mom of two boys, Tristan and Benjamin. She lived on her own for many years working as a Dental Assistant but still could not make ends meet. She wanted to go back to school to be a dental hygienist but didn't have the means to do so. In 2016, Megan found CHF through Hope House of Colorado.
Megan is one semester away from having her Associates degree from CCD in their Dental Hygiene program. After graduating from school, she plans to save to buy a home.
Since being at CHF, she has attended CHF group classes and met with a counselor to get healing from past traumas, mend her heart, and work on areas of her life that felt out of control. She has avoided bankruptcy, cleared all of her credit card debt, and is now focusing on building her credit. Megan says,
"I have learned that my past does not have to define me and my future is whatever I make of it. With the support and encouragement from CHF, I can now make my dreams into reality. Sometimes all a person needs is someone to believe in them when they can barely believe in themselves. This support has changed my family's life."

We are excited for Megan and her boys as she continues on her journey to self-sufficiency!


Prior to immigrating to the United States, Papy was a Medical Doctor from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In fact, he was the head of the Health District of Ingende, a town in the northeast portion of that country. Even though he was a doctor, being able to provide a bright future for their three kids was uncertain.
In 2014, their life changed for the better.
They were able to immigrate to the US because they won a diversity lottery visa. It was a huge opportunity to leave their country where the political system did not give much chance to thrive. They left everything behind to pursue a dream. The transition was very hard for their family but got easier with the help of CHF.
They heard about CHF from friends who were part of CHF. Their goals were to improve their English, and Papy was seeking a master's degree in public health. The Boyamba's graduated to self-sufficiency in the summer of 2018! Their English is now improved through ESL classes they did through Red Rocks Community College. Papy is still working on his MPH at the University of Colorado. Nathalie and Papy have jobs and continue to work very hard. Upon leaving CHF, they purchased their first home. Papy says:
"For all of the CHF community, I can just encourage them to work hard in order to reach their goals and never give up. Also, to use any resource available in CHF to be successful. Thank you to the CHF staff who helped us during the time we spent together."
We are so proud of the Boyamba family and the hard work they put in to achieve their goals of providing a better life for their kids!

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