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This Sierra Club campaign is to support "environmental justice" communities. The campaign and lawsuits challenge the Federal Highway Administration's approval of the atrocious Central 70 highway project, which -- just like in the early 60s -- routes the interstate right through lower-income communities of color. We're also petitioning the Courts for EPA to keep its air quality guidance at a level that protects public health in such project areas. Children and elderly in the area suffer from very high rates of asthma and many other diseases, and lose an average of more than three years of life due to environmental pollution. A freeway widened to 3.2 times the current size would destroy these communities.

Please visit the Colorado Sierra Club website > Issues > I-70 Expansion Opposition for more information. Far better options than the proposed project exist ... options which will work better for commuters and cost taxpayers considerably less. Along with members of the communities, we propose rerouting traffic over I-76 and I-270 just to the north, affecting many fewer people, saving millions in taxpayer funds, and offering the opportunity for the communities who've suffered for a half-century to knit themselves back together again. The current six-lane-wide I-70 would remain six lane, but as a boulevard (see video on the chapter website).

Kindly donate as generously as you can for legal work to support these communities, to create significant far-reaching changes in the "rules of the game" for such highway development, and to enable alternatives that deliver superior results for Colorado drivers and taxpayers.

Thank you!
Becky English
Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter Vice Chair
I-70 Opposition Project Manager

Working for environmental justice
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