Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado

At the heart our musical mission is the joy of performing timeless Baroque music and our commitment to contributing to the cultural landscape in which we live. We strive for artistic excellence and believe that the arts are essential to the life of our community and should be accessible to all.

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Arts, Culture & Humanities 


Children ages 5 to 21
Young Adults (20-25 years)
Children (4-12 years)


As the nature of Baroque music is very accessible, BCOC takes joy in introducing Baroque music and period instruments to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our newly expanded "Community Engagement & Education Programs" are as follows by age:

Preschool and Elementary Age:

1. El Sistema Partnership
With a newly formed alliance between El Sistema and the BCOC, extraordinary musical experiences will be available to students. Offerings include field trips to concerts with special preconcert talks, coaching and a side-by-side performance.

2. Live Demo Program
Local elementary schools join the BCOC for a presentation about Baroque music followed by attending a "working" rehearsal. During the rehearsal, Q&A time and meeting musicians occurs. Prior to the events, educational materials are provided to each and every student. This program is free of charge.

3. Free Ticket Program for Preschoolers
For preschoolers age 4 and under, tickets are free to all BCOC subscription and special concerts. As a family-friendly organization, the BCOC encourages families to attend performances together.

4. Ticket Discount Program for Elementary Age Children
Discounted student tickets are available.

Middle School Age and High School Age:

1. El Sistema Partnership
With a newly formed partnership between El Sistema and the BCOC, extraordinary musical experiences will be available to students. Offerings include field trips to concerts with special preconcert talks, coaching and a side-by-side performance.

2. Youth Orchestra Partnerships
For local youth orchestra partners, the BCOC provides coaching, demonstrations, open rehearsals, and, at times, side-by-side performances. Past partners have included the Denver School of the Arts Orchestra and Denver Young Artist Orchestra.

3. Ticket Discounts Program for Middle and High School Students
Discounted student tickets are available.

4. Young Artist Competition: High School Division
The Young Artist Competition for the High School Divisions is a national competition held every other year for high school division students with applications including personal narratives to complement auditions. Winner(s) perform with the BCOC as part of the ensemble and have their personal story featured.

College and Pre-Professional Level:

1. University Partnerships
College-level student have the opportunity to experience free coaching, master classes, demos, open rehearsals, lectures, and, at times, side-by-side performances with BCOC musicians. Current partner schools include Regis University and Metropolitan State University of Denver.

2. Young Artist Competition: College & Pre-Professional Division
A national competition every other year for the "under age 30" bracket, winners perform in BCOC spring concerts as a featured soloist.

3. Apprentice Artist Program
As an annual occurrence, the BCOC invites one musician to spend one year in residency with the BCOC learning the art of Baroque performance. Past musicians have gone on to lead professional musician careers.

4. Student Discount Program
Discounted tickets are available for college students.

Adult Education Offerings:

1. Baroque Out of Bounds: Learning Lab
An informal exploration and exciting learning lab that features "off the beaten path" programming in inviting spaces with BCOC musicians sharing music and conversation with the audience.

2. Pre-concert Lectures
With a music specialist, a lecture is provided to attendees at no cost.

3. ArtsReach Partnership
Through this close partnership with ArtsReach, 300 BCOC tickets are made available every year at not cost to individuals who would otherwise not have an opportunity to attend a concert.

4. College Alumni Group Program
Discounted tickets are offered for alumni groups with pre-concert lectures available featuring a Baroque specialist for groups over twenty-five.

5. "Meet the Musicians"
Post-concert events where the audience can meet musicians and discuss the concert. Free of charge for all concert-goers.

6. Podcasts, Blog and Web Resources
Beginning 2017-18, this program will launch in part.

7. Ticket Scholarship Program for Adults
Discounted tickets are available for adults who cannot attend otherwise on a case-by-case basis.

8. The Envoy Program
Patrons are invited to introduce guests to BCOC concerts at no charge.

9. Discover Baroque
In partnerships with other lifetime-learning organizations, Baroque specialists are available to teach Baroque music history classes.


Evidence of Program's Success

In the 2017-2018 season, we served over 150 students and youth. Our partnership with Regis University about 50 students through open rehearsals. In May, 100 fifth grade students from Aurora and Denver schools participated in our Baroque demonstration and rehearsal. The success of our apprentice program is evident in the fact that all of our apprentices have launched or expanded their musical careers after their year with BCOC. In 2017-18, we served over 200 students and youth through all our education and outreach programs during 2017-18. Programs encompassed six areas. 1) Baroque music demonstrations for 5th graders. Last season we had over 100 students participate from Vassar Elementary in Aurora and Waldorf School in Denver. 2) Apprentice and mentoring program: we have an apprentice musician (recent college graduate) play with us over an entire season. We also provide mentoring to pre-professional young musicians in the community. 3) College partnerships with Metropolitan State University of Denver and Regis University's Music departments, including open rehearsals and demonstrations for students. 4) Education at our concerts through pre-concert talks, program notes, and spoken commentary, all supplemented by resources on our website. Our 2017-18 education offerings have been greatly expanded. 5)Partnering with the Denver School of the Arts we encouraged students to become familiar to the Baroque period of music through hands-on teaching and coaching and live performance. 6) Students from El Sistema were introduced to Baroque instruments through demonstrations by BCOC musicians and attendance at rehearsals and performances.

Public Concerts


Arts, Culture & Humanities 


Aging/Elderly/Senior Citizens
Children and Youth (infants - 19 years)
General Public
Young Adults (20-25 years)


Presenting public concerts of music of the Baroque period is the principal 'program' of the BCOC. As Colorado's only professional period-instrument orchestra, our concerts provide an exciting new repertoire of Baroque music that has been largely ignored in typical symphony orchestra and chamber music programming. A hallmark of BCOC's artistic excellence is our programming. We often explore repertoire that has never been performed in the Rocky Mountain region, and the Denver Post recently commented, "The Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado programs fearlessly, taking on pieces no one else is likely to perform in these parts." The Denver Post also named the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado "Ensemble of the Year" in 2010. Our series Baroque Out of Bounds complements our main concerts with musical explorations and conversations, featuring small ensembles and inviting spaces.


Evidence of Program's Success

Long term, over 11 seasons of BCOC concerts, admissions, performance fees, grants, and donations have all increased steadily. On our audience surveys, we ask our audiences to rate the overall quality of the performance, with the choices being poor, fair, good, very good, and excellent. 2015-16 survey results indicate 86% rating the concert excellent, with 12% very good. 3% good, and 0% for the other categories (fair and poor). 2014-15 survey results indicate 89% rating the concert excellent, with 11% very good and 0% for the other categories.

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