Help The Art Garage Survive COVID-19 Closure

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The Art Garage needs your support to survive the COVID-19 closure!

We have been heavily impacted by our necessary closure in response to the Global Pandemic and need our community's support now more than ever to ensure the future of our non-profit. Donations to this campaign will go directly to supporting our staff and necessary operating expenses so that The Art Garage can continue to work toward it's goal of arts accessibility in Denver.

The Art Garage offers arts-based programs that inspire, empower, and promote creative self-expression by people of all ages and backgrounds in the greater Denver community and provides outreach to those who are under-served, at-risk, and for people with disabilities to ensure that the artistic process is fully accessible and inclusive for all.

At this juncture, our ability to continue doing our work depends on you. Here are some testimonials from The Art Garage community that show just how much of an impact that work has in Denver:

"I've learned it's okay to be vulnerable and show my creations. Trauma makes it easy to hide any vulnerable feelings or self expressions. Art has made it easier to rewrite that narrative." - Wings Foundation Member

"The kids always had a better day when starting off the day at The Art Garage. They really enjoyed the experience and the positive alternative way to express themselves."-Lynn, staff member from participating residential organization.

"The Art Garage is a gift to the women I serve. They are women in the toughest of situations- drug and alcohol-addicted, often homeless, pregnant, often severely traumatized. I watch core issues they bring of damaged self-expression, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-compassion get gently worked with through the support and guidance of highly engaged and skillful facilitators. The best part is that it doesn't feel to my clients like "work" or "therapy," but a break where they have a chance to create and play." - Anonymous staff member from participating organization

We understand that this pandemic has brought uncertainty and devastation to many and are grateful for any support that you can offer.

With deepest gratitude,
The Art Garage Team

Please donate now to help The Art Garage survive this difficult time
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