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A second chance at life. That's what Animal House Rescue & Grooming specializes in. And with your help, we can give the deserving dogs in our shelter the opportunity - and the time - to find loving homes.

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Animal House Pets & Grooming, Inc.​​​​​​​
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Animal House Rescue & Grooming
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2200 N Taft Hill Road
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Mission Statement

The mission of Animal House is to decrease the euthanasia rate of adoptable animals by:

Collaborating with overpopulated and underserved shelters.

Providing the community with education, information and outreach.

Providing adoption opportunities for homeless animals and giving them what they need most - time to find their forever homes.

Organization History

Animal House opened its doors in March of 2007 when two friends saw a need to assist shelters with their excess animals. Since that time over 8,000 dogs have been saved.

We have the capacity to house 50 dogs in the shelter and typically have anywhere from 30-60 additional dogs in our foster care program.

Animal House is not a typical shelter. Our dogs spend their days enjoying play groups of 2-5 dogs. They are matched depending on age, size and activity level. We have 12 runs inside the facility. The dogs also enjoy rotations outside to our play yards every day. This not only gives them time to relieve themselves but also allows for some time to soak up the sun. In addition to their outdoor playtime each dog is also walked a minimum of once a day (oftentimes many go on 2 walks a day as we are striving to meet this goal of 2 walks a day).

Upon entry to Animal House each dog is evaluated by our fantastic staff. Our evaluation of them is ongoing as their needs may change throughout their stay. One of the many programs that has evolved over the years is our enrichment program. Our enrichment coordinator works hand in hand with our shelter manager, foster care coordinator and staff to make sure that all of the dogs needs are being met. We are fortunate to be able to send dogs to doggie daycare, foster care or enroll them into our Canine Coaches program to make sure their needs are met while in our care. Canine Coaches is a group of 40 experienced volunteers, our enrichment coordinator and our local trainer. These volunteers provide additional care to our dogs that the 75+ dog walking volunteers are not trained to do. These activities range from outings, agility, advanced obedience, and behavior modification.

We have nearly 200 foster homes. All of our puppies go into foster homes. We also typically place seniors and other special needs dogs in foster homes. Our foster homes also work with our staff and trainer to address any needs in foster care. If you have a dog that you are requesting go into a foster program we will do our best to find them a spot.

Animal House strives to make a forever match for both the dog and the family. We offer ongoing counseling and resources to all of our adopters. If for whatever reason at anytime that dog is no longer a match for the family we always accept them back into our program. Our commitment to our dogs is for life.



Dear Animal House,
My name is Penny, but you would remember me as Bonnie. I was with you for a looooong time before mom and dad found me and adopted me almost 7 months ago. I want to tell you all how grateful I am for the love you showed me and the extra time you took to teach me manners and show me how to be a good girl for my parents. They tell me all the time how good I am, but even better is they give me treats for being a good girl! It's wonderful.

I don't remember a lot about living at Animal House, but mom says I was really scared and stressed out, which made it hard for other people to see what a good girl I was. But mom and dad saw it. They knew I would be the best dog ever, which is why they took me home and have given me so much love. Dad taught me so many new tricks and takes me on runs alongside his bike! That's my favorite. Mom is for cuddles and kisses. She let's me chew my bones on the couch when dad's not home. And she gives me lots of treats. And you should see the toys I have now! I probably have close to a billion toys now. I don't know how to count but I know a billion is a lot and I have a lot of toys.

I used to be very skinny, but now I weigh 65lbs and I go for walks ALL. DAY. LONG. This is the best life ever and I am soooo happy! And I couldn't have had this without you, Animal House. Thank you for loving me first and being patient with me while my parents looked for me. They are my pack now, and I love them as much as they love me.

Love always,
Penny Lane Patti (the good dog formerly known as Bonnie)
& Emily Rappaport and Matt Patti (my Mom and Dad)


Hi Animal House,
This July, I adopted my dog Izzy from you guys and it was by far the best decision of my life! She has become such an important part of my life and I love her very much. She is an extremely smart dog as she is learning new tricks all of the time and never likes to be too far away from me. She is such a faithful companion and has grown like crazy since I first got her. Izzy is such a nice dog and she barely ever barks. She absolutely loves playing in the snow, going for walks, and riding shotgun on road trips.

Since I first adopted her, I have graduated from the University of Wyoming and moved for my first job. She has a massive yard to run around in, however, she learned how to jump over the five foot fence around my house as I was driving away to work! It was very hard to scold her when she did this because I know she just wanted to be around me. I have taken her into work a few times and she behaves very well as she is loved by everyone I work with.

Izzy is such a unique and loving dog and I am very blessed to have her in my life. It makes me so happy to see her every day after work and so nice to have a companion with me while I am getting settled in a new place.

Thank you all for what you do,


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