American Military Family

American Military Family provides Veterans & First Responders & Their Families with assistance to locate their missing &/or suicidal, displaced, or struggling hero, & providing them with urgently needed services, whether it be emotional, physical, mental or financial.

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American Military Family Got Your Six (GY6)


Health Care 




Our mission at American Military Family is to STOP VETERAN SUICIDE through a comprehensive program entitled, American Military Family Got Your Six (GY6). In the military, "Got Your Six" means "I've got your back." This program addresses the seven (7) critical reintegration issues facing our Iraq/Afghanistan veterans:

• Financial Stressors
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
• Receipt of Earned Veterans Benefits
• Job Reintegration
• Self Medication/Over Medication/Legal Issues
• Societal/Personal Relationship Dissonance


Evidence of Program's Success

In March 2019, AMFGY6 hosted an "Intrusive Intervention" weekend in Estes Park, Colorado. 15 Combat Veterans were in attendance from throughout the country, each of whom was a struggling combat veteran. AMFGY6 rented an Estes Park lodge which rests in the middle of God's country in the Colorado Rocky Mountains - a quiet, safe place where our veterans find peace in this environment. AMFGY6 supplied everything they need. As each veteran unwinds, talks and feels safe and comfortable in this environment, we slowly approach each of their stories. We plant three "seasoned veterans" in this group, each of whom was previously suicidal and are now prepared to share their stories of survival and recovery. By the end of the weekend, the veterans felt safer, empowered and have formed a network of support. Effective today, August 21, 2019, here are the statistics from this retreat:

15 combat veterans were in this session
9 combat veterans are still in PTSD treatments with our licensed combat veteran therapists
2 are in drug/alcohols rehab programs
1 severely addicted veteran is still sober today, a remarkable effort being put forth by this young veteran.
1 is no longer living in his car and has moved into his own apartment
3 are working on their mandatory Suicide Prevention Certifications and plan to join the AMFGY6 Lead Team to help other struggling/suicidal veterans.
1 is now in a full-time relationship - Prior to this intervention, he never left his home.
6 of these veterans remain in daily, weekly and/or monthly contact with one another
1 has returned to school full time and works a job in the evening.
These "Intrusive Intervention Weekend Sessions" are so successful that we plan to host quarterly weekend interventions until such time as we are able to find the Capital Funding to build our "American Hero Resource Center" on the property we own in Firestone Colorado, where we will host daily intrusive intervention sessions, thereby serving more and more struggling and suicidal veterans.

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