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Where would you turn if you had a legal crisis? A trusted attorney. Where would you turn if you could not afford to pay for an attorney? Alpine Legal Services helps people in crisis who have no where else to turn.

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Alpine Legal Service Inc​​​​​​​
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109 8th Street Suite 304
P.O. Box 1890
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602
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109 8th Street Suite 304
P.O. Box 1890
Glenwood Springs, CO 81602

0405 Castle Creek Road
Suite 111
Aspen, CO 81611
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Mission Statement

The mission of Alpine Legal Services is to ensure access to justice by providing and coordinating quality legal services that protect and advance fundamental legal rights.

Organization History

Alpine Legal Services was founded to address the legal needs of low-income, victims, seniors and at-risk youth who could not afford attorney representation to protect their basic needs; adequate food, housing, unlawful debt collection, freedom from domestic violence, protection of senior and at-risk youth rights. For more than ten years, Alpine Legal Services has offered an invaluable service to our community. In 2004, Roaring Fork Legal Services merged with Garfield Legal Services to form Alpine Legal Services, Inc. Alpine has offices in Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and intake hours in Rifle. We serve Garfield, Pitkin and Western Eagle counties. The merger increased our ability to provide legal assistance by combining the strengths of both organizations. In the past, Garfield Legal Services focused on education, clinics, referrals, providing legal information and assistance with court forms. Roaring Fork Legal Services concentrated on giving advice and providing in court representation. The merger allowed us to utilize the expertise of each organization and expand our services to our client community. Alpine Legal Services is a small innovative organization that is meeting the challenges of providing legal services to an increasing amount of eligible clients. We have many collaborations and programs.


"I came to Alpine Legal Services panicked and not sure where to turn. I am an at-risk 72 year old woman who had been assaulted repeatedly by a neighbor. This neighbor had verbally threatened me, restrained me against my will, and tried to sexually attack me on five different occasions. I had gone to the police but they seemed unwilling to do anything. I had gone to my landlord for help but because he was a friend of my neighbor, he was not willing to do anything. In fact, after reporting the incidences to my landlord, he threatened that if I go through with pressing charges he would evict me. Feeling desperate, frightened, and helpless it took all of my strength to come to Alpine Legal Services.

Almost immediately after meeting with an Alpine Legal Services attorney, my fear dissipated. I was able to quickly get a protection order. My attorney was with me through the whole process. With her presence, I felt reassured and protected. Not only did she help me to obtain a protection order but she also helped me to present my evidence of the assault to the District Attorney's office such that with their help my neighbor was prosecuted and eventually plead guilty to several offenses.

I do not know what I would have done if it had not been for Alpine Legal Services. As a disabled senior living on social security, I could not afford to hire an attorney. I felt that I had nowhere to go. Alpine Legal Services provided me the security to help me feel safe. Additionally, they were able to help me get the attention and help I needed from other agencies. I believe our community is safer thanks to the help and assistance I received from Alpine Legal Services."

A client in great distress came in recently. They live in a trailer park and were accused by management of having a water leak in their trailer. Although unable to prove that her trailer was the source of the leak, park owner asserted he had right to bill the client for water used by the entire trailer park.

The client had received a bill for nearly seven thousand dollars. A sum that she couldn't dream of paying. She reached out to Alpine Legal Services for help. Our attorney called the trailer park manager to discuss the case. Our attorney successfully negotiated with the manager agreeing to withdraw the bill and search again for the source of the water leak.

Our client had suffered sleepless nights and much torment over the situation. Our timely help saved her from paying an unfair bill and alleviated her stress and allowed her to sleep again.

"I am very thankful and happy with the services I received from Alpine Legal. Everyone there was very nice and professional. The situation had caused me great stress and I was so happy to get my life back to normal."

Executive Director and Attorney, Kim Gent, recently assisted a client who was experiencing harassment and stalking because of his perceived sexual orientation. The vicious harassment and stalking began when our client lived at home with his mother. When the client moved out the incidents worsened to threats of violence and our client no longer felt safe. Our client successfully applied for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and sought our help for the up-coming court appearance for a Permanent Restraining Order.

Two days before the hearing was scheduled our client noticed his stalker sitting in a car outside of his workplace. This was a violation of the TRO. Our client was able to bring footage from his workplace to the police and the stalker was charged with a violation of the TRO. On the day of the hearing the stalker was late to the hearing, but when they did arrive they were furious about the charge of the violation of the protection order and it was clear that our client needed protection. The judge entered an order for a Permanent Protection Order.

"Alpine Legal could not have been more professional regarding my case, I feel safe and trusted when using their service. Their quick response to my personal crisis was without a doubt incomparable. I highly recommend this firm and praise what they do for our sparkling valley."

Alpine Legal Services prioritizes cases where safety or stability are in jeopardy.We must step up and protect the rights of our most vulnerable citizens.

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