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Action for Healthy Kids

Join us in the fight against childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places. Your support will help ensure that all children have the opportunity to eat right, move more and practice making healthy choices every day at school and at home.

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General Information

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Action for Healthy Kids Inc​​​​​​​
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600 W Van Buren St, Suite 720
Chicago, IL 60607
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P.O. Box 2995
Littleton, CO 80161
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P.O. Box 2995
Littleton, CO 80161
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Mission Statement

Our vision:
Every kid healthy, active and ready to learn.

Our mission:
To mobilize school professionals, families and communities to take actions that lead to healthy eating, physical activity and healthier schools where kids thrive.

Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) fights childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places so kids can live healthier lives. We partner with a legion of dedicated volunteers - teachers, students, moms, dads, school wellness experts and more - to create healthful school changes. Our programs, tools and resources make it possible for everyone to play their part in ending the nation's childhood obesity epidemic.

The Colorado AFHK team focuses on engaging parents and other volunteers in school and family wellness initiatives and providing school teams with resources, funding and technical assistance so that all children have the opportunity to eat right, move more and practice making healthy choices every day at school and at home.

Organization History

Founded in 2002 by 16th U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) is a leading national non-profit organization addressing childhood obesity and undernourishment by transforming schools into healthier places. AFHK was created in response to schools' need for expert assistance and resources to provide healthy nutrition and physical activity to the kids they serve. Supporting the U.S. Surgeon General's recommendations for a fit and healthy nation, AFHK applies its blueprint "Commitment to Change" to guide impacts and outcomes in four key areas: nutrition education; physical education/activity; foods/meals served at schools; and school policies to improve wellness.

AFHK has teams in many states across the country. Each state chapter forms its own action plan based on its own needs and resources. Colorado AFHK collaborates with schools, districts and other local partners to help parents and other volunteers and school wellness team members engage in and lead school wellness activities that improve nutrition and increase physical activity in the most effective ways through our School Grants for Healthy Kids program and our Parents for Healthy Kids program ─ by providing technical assistance, resources, educational and networking opportunities.


"Partnering with Colorado Action for Healthy Kids was integral in my wellness initiative at Rose Hill Elementary in Commerce City, Colorado. The support of Colorado Action for Healthy Kids helped me to create a 'Wellness School' in one of the most impoverished schools in the Denver Metro area!"
- Samara Williams, former Principal - Rose Hill Elementary

"Action for Healthy Kids has provided me with a wealth of resources and tools to use at my school and at home. I've shared Action for Healthy Kids with everyone I know because I think that it's the best organization to turn to when you're feeling frustrated but eager to make a change in your community, school, or at home. The people at Action for Healthy Kids are dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring. There's not a better or more committed organization out there fighting this fight and I couldn't have made an impact in my community and at home without the support of Action for Healthy Kids."
- Allison Stewart, Parent - Douglas County School District

"Colorado Action for Healthy Kids has been a leader in connecting parents to tools, resources and most importantly, to each other - to inspire a school wellness movement across Colorado. They do this by offering parents the inspiration, support and resources they need to take action to foster healthy schools. Their work is pivotal in improving the health of children across Colorado."
- Rainey Wikstrom, CEO - The Healthy People Project

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