ALIGHT (Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking)

ALIGHT believes that every human trafficking survivor deserves meaningful justice. That's why we use technology to do good by connecting each survivor - whether a homeless youth, a single mom or an agricultural worker - to an army of pro bono lawyers. Donate now to help us double our impact in 2019!

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ALIGHT (Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking)​​​​​​​
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(2015)Strategic Resources Alliance
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225 S Broadway #9912
Denver, CO 80209-8998
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225 S Broadway #9912
Denver, CO 80209-8998
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225 S Broadway #9912
Denver, CO 80209-8998
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Mission Statement

ALIGHT is a 501(c)(3) startup nonprofit that exists to unlock a fresh start for survivors.

We envision a world where every human trafficking survivor connects to a mobilized legal network to rebuild and thrive.

Organization History

Without a way to divorce the abuser, clear criminal records, resolve identity theft by the trafficker, or fight the myriad of other ways that traffickers abuse the law to control them, survivors typically lack many options for leaving the cycle of violence and vulnerability. If they do, they risk losing custody of their children, homelessness, or having to return to their trafficker.

It is so easy for traffickers to use their mobile phones to groom, recruit, and control their victims. After years of working with human trafficking survivors to combat these injustices, and witnessing the ruthless efficiency and technological savvy of the traffickers exploiting the most vulnerable around us, ALIGHT's leadership team founded this 501(c)(3) startup nonprofit in 2015 to focus on bringing tech solutions to benefit the human trafficking survivors.

Our team is comprised of professionals from the fields of law, human trafficking, technology, and entrepreneurship that applies front-line expertise and insights from leading human trafficking and legal programs, bringing it to survivors and advocates on the ground level through our innovative approach. Our volunteer staff contributes their time, expertise, and energy to make ALIGHT a success. In February 2017 we launched The ALIGHT Legal Needs Matching Program in the Denver Metro area.

In our first year we served 13 trafficking survivors on 14 separate legal needs. Many of the trafficking survivors who requested legal assistance were connected with an attorney on the same day - some within one hour.

Help us double our impact this year! With this second year of the program, we are are excited to be expanding the reach in Colorado. The human trafficking survivors in our program - whether runaway homeless teens, single moms struggling to make ends meet, or agricultural workers - can connect to an attorney, and thus are able to get professional assistance to rebuild their lives.

To connect a survivor to relevant and free legal help - when that person needs it - requires an army of lawyers, a community of service providers and an engaged public working together. Join us to fight for the rights of human trafficking survivors in Colorado.


"This ability to connect to legal resources through ALIGHT helped my client reduce her anxiety and even had a positive legal outcome. Thank you so much ALIGHT for bringing a smile to her face. I don't know where I would have turned without your help." - Dr. Kristy Eldredge, LPC, ACS, NCC

"We are excited to be supporting ALIGHT's endeavor of building resources and systems to ensure that survivors of human trafficking have access to lawyers on their side at a critical stage." - The Roy and Ana Zellars Foundation

"This use of technology to meet legal needs is how it should be for all pro bono matters … this is where it will all be in the next 10 years." - Katie Cronin, Pro Bono Manager, Stinson Leonard Street

"It's a very important issue that ALIGHT is working on -- there are gaps in collaborations between organizations." - Dr. Esohe Aghatise, International Lawyer and Executive Director of Associazione Iroko Onlus (IROKO)

"I hope that ALIGHT will grow in the hearts of those who were able to join me in the fun and spread the good word. I believe when we share our joy, like my birthday celebration, with a group that can benefit from a portion of proceeds, then we truly are A Light in our communities." - Rick Blodgett, ALIGHT Ambassador of Light

"I became inspired by information from ALIGHT concerning the possibility of using the law more effectively to help victims. That is why I support ALIGHT as their Champion of Light."
- Frank Gibbard, ALIGHT Champion of Light

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