Own Your Health 2018

9Health Fair

I've recently celebrated my 5-year anniversary at 9Health. It feels good to come to work each day knowing we're making a difference in so many people's lives. As the largest volunteer-driven, non-profit health and education program in the nation, 9Health offers comprehensive blood screenings, preventative health and wellness screenings, health education and information booths and follow-up resources. Each spring and each fall, we hold health fairs across the state of Colorado where you can get affordable health screenings (and many free ones) that would cost a significant amount more at the doctor's office.

Please consider donating to 9Health and help me reach my $500 goal.

If you can't afford to give monetarily, maybe you can give your time? Either way, I think you'll feel good about it. There's no wrong way to support 9Health!

Come to a 9Health Fair and you'll see the power of a neighborhood.

Your donation makes a difference!
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