Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency

4CORE's services are designed to reduce the immediate effects of the climate crisis through energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource conservation programs and projects. We focus our programs to serve lower income families who stand to benefit the most from energy and cost savings.

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Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency​​​​​​​
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Mission Statement

4CORE serves Southwest Colorado by promoting resource conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy through education and programs that strengthen the local economy and foster a healthy, sustainable environment.

Organization History

4CORE History
4CORE was formed in 2008 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to address climate concerns, resource efficiency and conservation through community engagement. The organization's four focus areas include: Energy Efficiency, Innovative Solutions, Resource Efficiency Education, and acting as an Energy Information Hub. In September of 2009, 4CORE expanded its service territory to include the five counties of Southwest Colorado: La Plata, Montezuma, Dolores, San Juan, and Archuleta. 4CORE continues to use a collaborative approach to align organizations across multiple sectors with the goal of increasing our effect by better utilizing existing community assets.

4CORE's programs better the human condition and the environment by conserving energy and water resources, providing economic benefits and opportunities while decreasing the amount of pollution created by fossil fuel energy sources. This has been accomplished through many programs including:
• HomeRx- 4CORE has been able to provide energy saving ideas, water efficiency and upgrades for 33 families and 3 businesses in 2015-16, in 2014, 33 homes and 16 businesses performed audits, and 2013, 15 families benefited from the HomeRx.
• The Southwest Solar Barn Raising Program will provide 62 low-income families, veterans, persons with disabilities and hard-working single mothers at Southwest Horizon Ranch and Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County a solar array that will collectively offset utility costs and reduce the impact of carbon emissions in our regional environment. 9,692 kWh will be produced, 27.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide eliminated and 29,398 lbs of burned coal saved.
• Resource Smart Business Program provided 30 businesses in the City and La Plata County tools to improve energy efficiency, water savings, employee health, and business sustainability.
• Resource Information Hub, continues to provide information and has helped save over $593,539 through rebates and reduced utility bills to date.
• Refuel Program providing alternative fuels coaching to regional companies and fleet managers in cooperation with the Colorado Energy Office 2014-2017 for cleaner air and more cost-effective fuels.

In late 2013 and early 2014, 4CORE facilitated Solarize La Plata, a grassroots program that resulted in 101 new solar arrays throughout La Plata County capable of producing 522 kilowatts (kW) and reducing an estimated 14,175 metric tons of carbon pollution over the next 25 years. 31% of the homes were in the City of Durango. The effort garnered commendations from the Department of Energy and other communities around the nation.

In 2015 4CORE introduced the Solarize model to Archuleta County with the goal of 30 completed solar installations by August of 2016. With the registration period closed for Solarize Archuleta as of March 31, 2016, there are 145 individual homes registered and receiving the initial solar assessment. Installations will be complete by August of 2016.


"I'm so happy that this type of informative and hands on workshop was available and affordable, and at such a great location! The presenter had a lot of quality knowledge on water conservation and local legalities." -- Anonymous Home H20 Rain Water Harvesting Program Participant

CARE Client Testimonial
"Just wanted to extend my thanks to [4CORE], and also to [HRWC] and CARE. Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into helping my home become more energy efficient! What a great couple of programs and cooperative effort between you two." --Tim, Durango

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are so very grateful for all of the wonderful energy improvements you have given us. We love getting our LPEA statement each month that shows us how much less we used than last year. And our home is so much more comfortable. What a wonderful program!" -Anonymous Weatherization client

"People need help and this program is an amazing program. It's been a life-changing experience for me. I don't know what I'd have done if I'd not found 4CORE. 4CORE cares immensely. To a potential donor, I would say this is an absolutely necessary program in our economy." ‐Dale Triplett, Sustainable Building Program

"4CORE and the auditors they work with provided me information on Recharge Colorado insulation rebates and federal tax credits that made it possible for us to insulate our home. We had the insulation installed in October of 2010 and received our rebate in November. Last winter, we had to fill our propane tank 3 times. This winter, we've halved our fuel use and it has been filled 1.5 times. The insulation has made a huge difference." ‐Scott Kadera, La Plata County Resident

"Our family wanted to express our sincere gratitude for approving us for free weatherization services. We have fallen on hard times lately, as many have, and it's comforting to know there are caring organizations that can help. We're excited about having an insulated home this winter!" -Anonymous Weatherization client

"4CORE's Sustainable Building Education Program is providing an essential community service. As a non‐profit developing Energy Star affordable housing, Colorado Housing Inc. benefits from the high quality workshops 4CORE offers. In just one week, three of our staff attended 4CORE workshops, at an extremely affordable rate, and learned about two new trends in energy efficient homes that we hope to tap into. Thanks to 4CORE, we will be exploring the use of energy efficiency mortgages. These loan products are a perfect fit for our clients who may have difficulties qualifying for homeownership, but receive a significant break on operating costs once they move in to their Energy Star home. We are also able to plan strategically for changes to the Energy Star program. CHI has been building Energy Star homes since 1997, and is
committed to keeping up with changes in the program. While we are comfortably ahead of the curve right now, just 'keeping up' will become increasingly difficult in the very near future. A recent full‐day workshop with guests Sam Rashkin and Gord Cooke offered a clear and inspiring view of what this future will look like.
Without 4CORE, keeping up with innovations in the field would require costly travel for information that exists right here at home. The Sustainable Building Education program provides a cost‐effective local forum for professionals to tap into each other's expertise and help boost our community forward towards an innovative future."
‐ Ophelia Wilkins, Development Director, Colorado Housing Inc.

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