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We, as the 2018 2xtreme Dream Team Peru, would like to raise enough money as a team to pay for one kid to go on the next team, kind of like a pay it forward sponsorship. This trip has impacted all of our lives so much, we have all grown immensely as human beings and can't wait to see the next amazing group of guys succeed in life.

The 2xtreme Dream Team is a 9 month program that helps young men create excellence in their every day lives. They are expected to stay sober, do well in school, create a personalized treatment plan, build healthy relationships, and create a calm, healthy home life. At the end of the nine months, the boys are rewarded for their success with a mountaineering excursion out of the country.

2018 2XTREME ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT: https://tinyurl.com/ya2vfw4t

" I seriously believe that I grew 2 years worth in 2 weeks of travel. I have improved my relationships at home with my parents and my brother, I have improved my grades astronomically, and I have a job. When I first applied and started in August last year, I was skeptical and I didn't think that I would ever make it to the top of an 18,143' mountain. I couldn't see an end to the program, I couldn't see a "summit". On the way down after the top, and the whole climbing experience, I felt like I had conquered everything and I could do anything. I had done it! This is why I thank 2xtreme Foundation, they have truly helped me live the best version of myself."
-Parrish, 15

"It wasn't easy, and it wasn't a walk in the park, but being on the 2xtreme 2018 Dream Team Peru has left a life changing impact on me. Nine months of unexpected, unknown, and intense trainings were a little scary, however an irreplaceable brotherhood was formed, where we have each others' backs. At each one of the experiential trainings, I needed to trust, LEARN to trust, I had to Trust! To work as a team and trust each other is what got all of us through the 9 months of training and the final climb. These skills now help me as I go through difficult situations in life with friends and family, as it might just be myself at times. Peru was the ultimate climb for me, literally and emotionally. With blood, sweat, and tears, I am now where I never would have pictured myself, able to cope better, achieve better grades, staying sober, and digging down deep. 2xtreme Foundation and my teammates helped me with a lending hand to make my dreams a reality!"
-Austin 17

"My biggest takeaway from the time I spent training with the 2xtreme Dream 2018 team and climbing in Peru can be summed up in two words... LIVE IT! These were the words given to me by the coaches and they stuck with me. I've spent too much time in my young life sitting and letting opportunities pass me by.
The years I spent in high school were awful for me, when the going got tough, I just gave up. Which led to me making even more poor choices. I watched as my grades and friends left me, but the worst part was knowing that all of this was my fault. This 9 month program and trip taught me that you have to take that leap into the unknown sometimes. I went on this journey with seven other amazing men, and came home with lifelong memories and friendships.
My favorite quote that inspired me through the trip is by Mark Twain: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do then by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover"."
-Evan, 19

Words cannot explain a fraction of how this trip has changed me. We all started out a little awkward and shy with each other at the beginning of the program. None of us really knew each other and by the time we were about to leave for Peru, we were basically a full blown family as absolutely nothing could tear us apart. We were ready to take on the mountains we had coming. Throughout the course of the trip I learned more than I have ever learned in the course of two and a half weeks. The trip changed the way I viewed the luxuries we have in the United States. I learned to love and care and look out for each and every person that came on that trip. The trip has drastically improved the relationships I have with all of my friends and family and most importantly my brothers that came on the trip with me. I truly from the bottom of my heart love each and every thing that 2xtreme did for us during this program! I love you all!! -John, 16

I have been involved with 2xtreme for over 11 years now. I am a 2xtreme alumni from Dream Team Russia 2007. 2xtreme Foundation gave me the greatest opportunity gift of mentoring and coaching the 2018 Peru Dream team. With inspiration and shared experiences, I was able to become a consistent person in the boys lives. I made major sacrifices to achieve this. Between work and college, I gladly added an additional full time commitment to theses boys. It was a struggle to achieve a proper balanced schedule with work, finish my school work, and find the time to take care of myself. In addition to my work load, I challenged myself to seek donations for gear for the trip. I sought out contacts I had created in my work life. As a result, the team traveled with more crucial gear than any other previous team. I believe that my sacrifices and struggles were modeled to these boys forever, and I hope to keep the relationships that were created forever. I also hope to continue my work with the 2xtreme Foundation and add relationship value to mental health treatment. -Coach Greg, 26

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