2xtreme Foundation, Inc

The most innovative & challenging therapeutic experiential outpatient counseling organization in the country. Traumatized, self sabotaging and hurting teen boys succeed due to our programs and become leaders, fathers, husbands and alumni who give back. 2018 Annual Report:

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2Xtreme Foundation Inc​​​​​​​
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8101 S Shaffer Pkwy, Suite 102
Littleton, CO 80127
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8101 S Shaffer Pkwy, Suite 102
Littleton, CO 80127
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Mission Statement

The 2xtreme Foundation exists to be the hub of support programs for young men in crisis and their families, so that they all can heal and thrive.

We do this by:
Cultivating deep, connected relationships with the families we serve, and in the community,
exemplifying an unfailing commitment to excellence in all we do, and inspiring responsible action.

We employ a community mental health model to deliver the full spectrum of support:
Intake and Assessment
Case Management
Individual, Family & Group Therapy
Experiential Programming
Legal, Substance Abuse, and Academic Assistance
Crisis Support
Alumni Engagement

Organization History

We are 2xtreme for a reason: We meet fire with fire and create success through connected relationships. This is what ten thousand families have experienced!
2xtreme is about guys and families that are hurting. We join with those in pain where they are, hold their hearts, and guide them on a path to success. We gift parents their sons back. We give teen boys their lives back. We are about walking that hard mile with families. Through experiential relationships, we bring boys back to where they were intended to be before their avalanche of destruction - destruction that is drugs, sex, truancy, violence, property damage, family annihilation, and emotional terrorism. This may sound extreme, but it is very real for too many families that are isolated in this chasm.

"I'm not going to school today because I will be dead on my 20th birthday, therefore, I don't need an education" (15 yr old male)

"I'm about to be homeless and possibly put a f#*@ing needle in my arm, and my crazy ass mom doesn't realize how much weed helps me"
(19 yr old male)

These real statements from clients are what 2xtreme is about.


14 years ago, Debi W. and her two young sons met with John Davis of 2xtreme for the first time. "I was trying to get through the complications of a devastating divorce" says Debi. "My three sons were all hurting, struggling and confused. John explained that this was going to be a bumpy 'journey'. He was correct. What I found in John was that he 'showed up' for me and my sons. Immediately, he found ways to relate to each of my sons, their distinct personalities and individual ways of dealing with their emotions. At one point, he encouraged my youngest son to buy a punching bag to take his aggressions out on; rather than showing aggression toward his friends and loved ones. This became a real outlet not only for him, but for the entire family. My boys shared their hearts as they hit that bag! A few years later, that once angry young son shared his story of the punching bag to a close friend who was struggling with his parents' divorce. He talked of how it helped him to become more humble, and have better relationships. He paid that bag forward in an effort to help his friend to become his absolute best and never quit. As a mom, it blew me away to see his emotional growth, and hear him share the lessons John had taught him!
John taught my sons how to show their raw emotions; how to share their true feelings. My sons became vulnerable as their emotional strength grew. John was a strong role model in the early times of crisis, providing a strong foundation to what we were facing. In the ensuing years, he continued to build on that foundation with my sons by encouraging, supporting and modeling solid interpersonal relationships, in how to be a good friend and boyfriend; as well as, how to keep their focus on what is true and right. John continues to offer lifelong support, as he reinforces that they do not "need" John... they needed their father and he continues to provide guidance on how to strengthen those relationships. Today, my sons periodically reach out, and John continues to support them. I am a blessed mom to have all three of my grown sons being the best they can be and giving to others. I can't thank John enough for his support and guidance over the years. We have been truly blessed to have John in our lives."
Debi continues to give to the 2xtreme Foundation out of a humble and gracious spirit, sharing her alumna wisdom, serving at our community service days, participating at our 'Summit' fundraising 14'er hikes. Most recently, she was a member of the 2xtreme Dream Council night interviewing and recommending the next group of young men who, over the next 8 months, will train and transform their lives culminating with a South American adventure climbing one of the country's highest peaks.

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