$25K in 35 Days Matching Gift Challenge
by Noah's Ark Animal Welfare Association
Fundraiser launched on August 18, 2021 by Noah's Ark
Double your impact! When you donate to Noah's Ark Animal Welfare Association your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar! Act fast, this challenge is scheduled to run from now until Sept. 24th, or until $25,000 in matching donations has been reached. If $25,000 in donations is reached, a total of $50,000 will be given to Noah's Ark!

The matching incentive serves to honor the memory of Joe & Dorothy Vaccaro along with their cherished pets Roman, Rags, Mickey, Buttons, and all of the friends throughout Glen Vaccaro's life who allowed him the honor and privilege of sharing their time on earth with him; including NAAWA special-needs alumni dogs: Rocky, Ruby, & Buddy.

Rocky was found in 2014. The blind senior Labrador had been abandoned, tied to a tree and rescued by a park ranger and NAAWA. Blind senior dogs generally have a difficult time getting adopted-but not Rocky; he was adopted 10 days later. With his new family, he was pampered in every way for the remainder of his golden days; short daily walks, getting to explore all of the outdoor scents, listening to television, given the best medical care for his failing kidneys, and he never once had a moment without human companionship. In 2017 Ruby was found alone in a field; her nose and upper face was distorted with swelling, but her tail wagged and she bounced around spreading joy & giving kisses. The vet determined Ruby had a complicated tumor within her sinus cavities and frontal brain area, which would do more harm than good if removed; despite the condition, Ruby seemed mostly energetic and happy to be alive. With vet guidance, over the course of 3 months Ruby enrolled in NAAWA's hospice foster care program; where she checked off many items on her bucket list. Ruby went on many adventures with her foster father to beautiful places, she never left his side, winning the hearts of everyone she met by greeting them with kisses & tail wags. The 4-year-old pit bull mix also loved being co-pilot for her foster dad in his personal plane; taking in the birds-eye-view of beautiful Trinidad, CO. Buddy was an arthritic, 17-year-old blind senior, stumbling about the busy streets when he arrived at the shelter as a stray. The sweet senior shepherd mix won the hearts of many--but when no one stepped forward to adopt him after several months, the same person who helped Rocky & Ruby, did. With his new dad, Buddy had the very best medical care and was spoiled rotten in the 2 golden years that followed. Buddy loved going for lots of walks, sniffing about the quiet rural airport, snacking on the best treats, relaxing on his choice of pet beds, and snuggling up to listen to the TV. Though Rocky, Buddy, and Ruby have all passed from this world, their gentle, inspiring spirits and memories forever live on.

Founded in 1998, NAAWA has been operating Las Animas County's sole animal shelter since 2000. Thanks to the support of donors, NAAWA saves the lives of thousands of homeless pets through vibrant adoption and transfer programs. The nonprofit also serves their rural area with various community programs like low-cost pet vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter vouchers.

The City of Trinidad and NAAWA have been collaborating together in opening a brand new, modern animal shelter. NAAWA's life-saving work has outgrown the outdated buildings of the current facility. The new shelter will replace the current shelter--which has been rapidly deteriorating. The new shelter building features many modern amenities that lack in the current facility NAAWA operates. The new animal shelter is built--and it's beautiful! (Check out the posted video of the current & new facility) It is projected that NAAWA's new campus will nearly triple their life-saving capacity and serve as a community hub for all things pet related. Work remains before operations can begin out of the new campus; NAAWA must fund, furnish and install the new building's interior with new kennels, cabinetry, sinks, medical & grooming equipment, kuranda pet beds, desks, etc. -- all while continuing vital community services, providing the best care for shelter pets, and finding forever families for orphaned dogs, cats, kittens & puppies.

Give a gift today to help NAAWA continue life-saving work and to help launch the new ark; the new animal shelter facility as soon as possible or before the end of 2021. PLEASE GIVE A GIVE A GIFT TODAY because no matter the amount, IT WILL BE MATCHED - making your donation double!

Donors are who make all the good work of NAAWA possible! Donors are vital to the NAAWA animal welfare team; working right alongside volunteers and staff in saving lives. Thank you for giving a gift to make a pawsitive difference in the lives of homeless pets today, tomorrow, and all the years to come!

Incentive Fund

Amount: $25,000.00
Provided By: Mr. Glen Vaccaro

Glen's matching gift will be given to honor those who have given him so very much in his life. In memory of Joe & Dorothy Vaccaro, their cherished pets Roman, Rags, Mickey, Buttons, and all of Glen's friends throughout his life who allowed him the honor and privilege of sharing their time on earth with him; including NAAWA special-needs alumni dogs Rocky, Ruby, and Buddy.

Pets are amazing; they bring so much into the lives of those who love them. Pets have a unique ability; in every moment the love from a pet can heal, warm, deepen, broaden, lighten, and inspire the hearts & spirits of humans who are open to the experience.

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Donors are who make all of the good work of Noah's Ark Animal Welfare Association possible! Give today because no matter the size, your gift will be matched. Thank YOU!
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