Growing Colorado Kids: 10 Years and Growing!

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Happy Birthday to GCK! Now celebrating our 10th year of service, Growing Colorado Kids continues to enrich the lives of refugee youth. Since 2008, GCK has filled its mission to reduce hunger, improve nutrition, and provide experiential learning opportunities for refugee youth through organic farming.

For over a decade Growing Colorado Kids has worked with scores of refugee youth who have attained important life skills while growing thousands of pounds of fresh, healthy produce for their families as well as for hungry people being served by Brighton Shares the Harvest and the SAME Café. Over this period GCK grew enormous amounts of produce, and built a strong and supportive community as well. It has been a very fast and most rewarding 10 years!

Check out these 10-Year Totals...

10 Years of Growing (2008-2017):
Total Produce Grown 15,126 pounds
Farm Fresh Eggs 11,221 gathered
Honey Harvested over 100 pounds
Prepared Food Home 14,118 pounds
Refugee Youth Served 110
Volunteer Hours 32,000 and counting
Community Partnerships 168 and counting

In the 2017 growing season, GCK served 20 refugee youth, who harvested 3,762 pounds of fresh naturally grown produce, shared 2,264 farm fresh duck and chicken eggs, gathered 16 pounds of farm fresh honey, and sent home 1,651 pounds of prepared food! GCK volunteers logged 4327 hours in 2017.

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Growing Colorado Kids is a project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

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